Hello and welcome! My name is Zach Wagner and I am an Omaha-based photographer, husband, father, avid fan of all things Marvel universe, and bass player in a local rock band.


I started snapping photos professionally in 2007. I was accepted to Harrington College of Design’s Digital Photography Program in 2008 and moved to Chicago, Illinois. Living in Chicago, I also served as lighting assistant to internationally-acclaimed photographer Ron Gould. Eventually my family ties brought me back to Omaha, and my focus shifted to building a photography business of my own.


Over the last twelve years, I’ve photographed everything from million-dollar weddings and national-touring bands to agricultural equipment and interior lighting fixtures.


But my true passion is photographing people.


Whether capturing the tender exchange between mother and child or the professionalism reflected in a new business headshot, my goal is to catch those fleeting sparks of life on film-- preserved in a still moment, but very much alive.


Photos like these don’t just happen. They are carefully built on a foundation of sound lighting and meticulously crafted down to the smallest details. This is the process I dedicate to each of my clients--whether they’re a baseball team or a bridal party.


I’d love to chat with you and help bring your project to life. Give me a call anytime at (402) 658-0357, or email me at